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January 2018

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20 Things to do in the Brecon Beacons that aren’t Pen Y Fan

The Brecon Beacons. They’re lush and green and most people who visit focus on getting to the top of the rolling hills that we brits like to call mountains. It’s not just about the mountains though, there are plenty of places to visit and buckets of fun to be had without walking uphill for a few hours. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do that. In fact we’re great advocates of walking in beautiful places around here but should your legs get tired or the weather not  ...

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Our 7 Cold Weather Essentials

With the cold weather we’re getting at the moment comes the desire to get out and adventure in the beauty that winter brings. The kit we carry most of the year needs a few extra additions in order to keep us comfy and safe while we make the most of the colder months. Food flask What’s better than a warm meal after a long day on the outdoors? A warm meal while still in the outdoors of course! We love out stanley flask, but we also have the thermos one with its own little fork.  ...

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Ladies, Chill Out

There’s been a lot of ‘Women are so hard done by’ in the outdoors recently. Maybe it’s just the circles I’ve been electronically hanging out in, but it’s getting a little bit old. The thing is, we are equals in some respect, but when it comes to numbers, we’re under represented. That’s not the men’s fault. It’s not the outdoor brands fault that some women actually like to wear pink and purple kit or want ‘pretty  ...

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Fuelling Adventure with Real Food

Finding energy dense food that is light to carry, won’t get smushed in a bag and isn’t engineered In a factory can be difficult. Especially if you’re looking for a healthy balance of nutrients and plenty of energy to fuel your adventure. Over the years we’ve found a few things that we go back to time after time to help keep us moving. Having a SiS gel ready in your bag is always a great back up, but when you’re trying to eat well and give your body the  ...

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New for 2018: Adventures, A Free Online Magazine

Happy 2018 friends! We’ve got so many exciting adventures planned and not planned for 2018; trips abroad, British mountain time, trail runs and personal challenges. For now though, all our our brain power is focused on our newest venture: A Free Online Outdoor Magazine! It’ll have flippable pages, inspiring adventures, lots of advice and maybe a competition or two. It’s going to be a seasonal thing, just 4 issues a year and best of all it can come straight to your inbox!  ...

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