7 Things That Change When You Get Hooked on Adventure Sports

Those that have found Adventure and incorporate it into their lives cannot deny it has changed them and the way they live their life.

Your house gets messier

More time spent outside = less time to clean. It’s simple math.

Whatever your chosen outdoor activity, when the conditions are good everything else comes second. When the snow is good, you must ski and climb in it. When the suns out, you must climb. When the rivers are up, you must paddle. And then there’s the mountains, which are enjoyable in nearly all weathers. The kitchen floor and washing up can wait.

All of these adventures bring wet, mucky kit that needs cleaning, drying and storing. Your much loved gear fills your home. Bathrooms make great drying rooms and the space in front of the washing machine seems a great place to pile your dirty hiking kit. Radiators get draped with damp mittens and bobble hats and newspaper stuffed boots get lined up below.

You’ll see people less

Coffee and drinks with friends are difficult when you’re not in town.

However you will find you spend more quality time with those you do see. 8 hours spent with a couple of good friends in beautiful places can spark conversations you’ve never had and going through challenges together grows relationships in an amazing way.


Monday mornings get even harder

Making the most of your weekend can mean late nights, tired muscles and climbing into bed just hours before you’re due for work. Even if your adventures are closer to home, you often need a day or two to recover. Grab a coffee on your way out the door, pick a protein rich lunch and let your stories of the past few days get you through the day.


Your priorities change

Friday night’s drinking turns into Friday nights driving and sunny evenings once spent indoors or the local pub garden are great for trail runs, wild swims and visits to the local crag.

And forget meal prepping, a super organised fridge and an abundance of home bakes. Sometimes you just have to throw something together from what you remembered to buy and embrace the random combo.

Holidays become less about the beach and the city break

Your precious Annual leave gets set aside for your wildest adventures, as do most of your spare funds. There’s more to the Algarve than the beaches and there are some amazing mountains and rivers just outside many tourist trap cities.

Not that you won’t still love the beaches, they’re a great place for your rest day and ventures into local cities allow you to get a feel for local culture and seek out the local launderette.


Your conversations start to sound a bit crazy

You begin to drop words you didn’t know you know, making sentences sound slightly crazy to unknowing listeners:

‘So I dropped into a hole sideways and got worked for a good few minutes’

‘I had 3 micronuts in this tiny crack, Palmed my way up the slab and finally found a decent crimp and managed to get a friend in’

Be prepared to explain yourself to confused colleagues and maybe just avoid the details with your mum. She doesn’t need to know your life was hanging on a piece of metal smaller than her earring.


You start to surprise yourself regularly

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you push your own limits regularly. This translates back into everyday life too; if you can push your grade at the crag, you can gather the courage to stand up to your boss at work.

What you actually enjoy develops and changes all the time and suddenly you find yourself camping, in the middle of nowhere, in minus t mperatures, with a big smile on your face.

Other symptoms include:

The desire to own a van, converting every nook and cranny of your house into a kit store, interesting tan lines and an increased desire buy coats that cost more than your car.


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