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Fuelling Adventure with Real Food

Finding energy dense food that is light to carry, won’t get smushed in a bag and isn’t engineered In a factory can be difficult. Especially if you’re looking for a healthy balance of nutrients and plenty of energy to fuel your adventure. Over the years we’ve found a few things that we go back to time after time to help keep us moving.
Having a SiS gel ready in your bag is always a great back up, but when you’re trying to eat well and give your body the nutrition it needs, nothing beats real food. Plus, if you’re a regular adventurer, ‘eating’ gels ain’t gunna cut it on the satisfaction scale.

Here’s what we like to munch on while we’re on our jolly way;


Honey flapjacks

Hev’s favourite recipe here. For extra yummyness, throw some white choc chips on top to melt when straight out of the oven. Omnomnom!


Just take your peel home, it takes so much longer to decompose than people think and looks a right mess on the side of a path.

Nuts and dried fruit

Make your own combo to taste or aldi have some great ready mixed bags with all the trimmings. We love a combo of salty and sweet with salted almonds, dates and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Nut butter ‘balls’

Think deliciously Ella. Make your own or buy them if you’re short on time.

‘Pip n Nut’ nut butter pouches

Pip n nut do nut butters, in a one portion pouch that you can literally just squeeze into your mouth! We love the coconut and almond butter one but they do a variety.


peanut m&ms, buttons, mars bars or just a big old slab of it. I know it’s not technically real/clean food but it’s high energy for low weight, we often carry some for emergencies in the lid of our rucksacks or first aid kits.


Flavoured tuna wraps

Grab a pack of wraps and a tin or flavoured tuna. All of the supermarkets now do them and there is a great variety to chose from.

Baby bell

Need I say anything about this magical little cheese that comes adventure bag ready?

Snack chorizo trail mix

You can buy this ready made but making your own is just as simple: snacking chorizo, roasted salted almonds, and anything else that takes your fancy. Maybe cheese?

Rice /pasta salad

Pick either Rice or pasta (you can even use precooked rice sachets if you’re feeling really lazy) throw in some veg and your chosen protein, box it up and voila! Simple, quick and healthy meal to enjoy on your travels.

Anything in a pitta

Cheese, tuna, peanut butter, salami, pate, cold sausages and bacon from breakfast, last nights leftover veg tangine.

Cheese, deli meat and oat cakes

Extra points for having it in a beautifully segmented lunch box. Basically a cheese board on the go but great for longer hikes or bike rides where having less weight and more yumminess is needed.

 Soup, Glorious Soup

Or hot water and a cuppa soup sachet of you’d prefer. Nothing beats opening a steaming flask on a cold day and finding something nutritious and warming inside. Enjoy with your pitta/crackers/wrap for a full on al a carte luncheon.

They all sound pretty simple right? So often we try to find things that are the lightest, the highest calories per gram or the ‘look how outdoorsey and different I am-est’. Truth be told, unless your on a big wall or crazy long hike (think the Appalachian trail) eating real food, the stuff you put in your lunchbox everyday, will be fine. In fact I can almost guarantee that your usual cheese sandwich will taste even better when you’ve just hit your third peak of the day and give you all of the energy you need to get to where you’re going.
If you’re canoeing I’d expect a full on feast because you don’t even need to carry it! Crack out the wine and cheese, toast the Brie and chorizo over a fire (Best. Thing. Ever.) and enjoy your little piece of the outdoors in luxury.


  1. Ashley Beolens

    12th January 2018 at 9:22 am

    I need to start making more healthy snacks for my walking, instead of the old sandwich. Some great looking items here (going to try the honey flapjacks first)!

  2. Kids of the Wild

    12th January 2018 at 10:52 am

    Some great ideas here, especially easy hand snacks for kids.

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