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Our 7 Cold Weather Essentials

With the cold weather we’re getting at the moment comes the desire to get out and adventure in the beauty that winter brings. The kit we carry most of the year needs a few extra additions in order to keep us comfy and safe while we make the most of the colder months.

Food flask

What’s better than a warm meal after a long day on the outdoors? A warm meal while still in the outdoors of course! We love out stanley flask, but we also have the thermos one with its own little fork. Wide mouth and large lid cup/bowl make eating something warming and wholsesome on the move easy and the cleanup after is minimal.


We often carry 2 of these pieces of stretchy tubed fabric, they’re so light and dynamic. They’re an ear warmer that fits under a helmet, a face warmer, hat, hair band, or balaclava. They’re also good for wiping wet camera/phone lenses and stopping snow going down your top during a snowball fight.

Daschtein Mitts

They’re cheap and amazing and the more snow you get on the, the warmer they get. They’ve been used by mountaineers for years for good reason. For some activities having a technical pair of gloves or a thin soft shell may be a better option though. Also, they look funky and are generally hand made, win win win!

Insulated Jackets

Goes without saying maybe, but notice the plural! If its cold enough to be doing your activity in your primaloft jacket then consider having a down jacket or super warm fleece tucked away in case of emergency or change in the weather.

Dry bags

If you want it to stay dry, pack it in a dry bag or at least a carrier bag! there’s nothing worse than being freezing cold and pulling out your warm layers or hat and gloves to find them soaking from the rain, sleet and snow you’ve been adventuring through. Some people like to compartmentalise their bags using smaller dry bags while others use one large liner. We prefer the lots of drybags system; your coat doesn’t have to come out to find your lunch or the first aid kit buried in the bottom of your bag.

Softshell trousers

O the comfort and warmth! In the UK we can generally get away with the same outdoor trousers all year round. Head for the hills during the colder days and you’ll appreciate the windproof properties of softshell leg coverage.

Portable battery charger

You may carry one all year round or think we’ve gone a bit bonkers, but the juice in a mobile phone seems to drain at a remarkable rate when its cold. No one wants to be caught out late in the evening, with an incident and no way of calling for help before hypothermia sets in. Plus, you also don’t want to be without a camera should you witness the most perfect winter sunset!

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